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Giving You All the Options

You need the best equipment, and you have a budget. With 50 years in the equipment industry, we understand this better than anyone. Luber Bros. can (and does) sell the best grounds & turf equipment across all brands, but if you can’t afford it then what’s the point? That’s why we’re here. Our team of finance specialists will help you find maximum affordability without compromising the quality of your equipment – or your results.

Start by exploring your options with our simple Finance Calculator to determine the term, payments, or purchase value that fit your budget. Alternatively, you may already know the term or payments you’re looking for but are unsure whether you should finance or start a long-term rental through LBI Rentals. We’ve provided you with some information to help navigate this decision-making process, but remember that no resources are as valuable as a five minute conversation with an LBI Financing Specialist!

Cash Management

Cash Management

Keep your fleet running and optimize cash flow at the same time by taking advantage of LBI Financing, which offers:

  • Lower monthly payments with little-to-know down payment.
  • 100% Financing, including taxes and installation.
  • Improved cash flow and working capital.



Don’t let your immediate needs limit the long-term potential of your fleet. By financing through LBI you will keep your options open with:

  • A wide variety of end-of-term lease options.
  • Flexible payment schedules, including skip payments.
  • Minimal ownership risk – hedge against obsolescence expense.
  • Ability to upgrade as equipment needs change.

Accounting & Tax Benefits

Accounting & Tax Benefits

Your turf isn’t the only thing that will enjoy the benefits of working with LBI Finance for your next equipment purchase. You will also enjoy:

  • Potential for operating lease treatment and increase your return on asset.
  • All-inclusive monthly lease payment, fully deductible as an operating expense.

Buying Options

Buying Options

Take advantage of equity you've invested into your fleet at the end of your term with:

  • Conditional Sales Contract (CSC) or $1.00 out to own at the end of the term.
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) gives you the option to buy or return at the end of the term.


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Financing Resource Center

Financing helps keep your equipment fleet at the top of its game. When you need to upgrade or expand your fleet and stay within budgetary constraints, our turnkey financing helps you achieve your goals while providing a number of additional benefits.